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1. Reservation Needed?

Reservations can be made via this website online by credit card or by phone. This will ensure your place on tour and save time. If you decide to not make a reservation, it is cash at time of tour, but there is no guarantee of a spot.
If you have children that will need kid’s bikes, please let us know by email in advance. If you are a larger party, please do e-mail us with your anticipated date and number of riders. If you have a special event in your group (birthday, retirement, anniversary) please let us know.
You can also reserve an E bike (electric pedal assisted).

2. What about tours in winter?

We offer tours right through winter, it is mostly very good in Sydney, and you just have to dress for the weather. Gloves are a good idea, and beanies which can be worn under your helmet.

3. Can Children go on Bike Tours?

We enjoy having children on tour, they are usually very competent and they love the experience more than anyone. This is a terrific family activity.
The kid’s bikes are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and booking ahead of time puts you essentially at the top of the “queue”. Please include the age of your children.

4. Children/Students

As it is not possible for us to verify student status with online bookings we will gladly refund that difference at the time of the tour if applicable.

5. What is the meeting Point?

The daily meeting point:

Argyle Park
Opposite 52 Argyle Place, Millers Point

If you are having difficulty locating us, just phone/txt THE HELPLINE on 0414 960 332

6. Is the Bike tour safe?

Safety is our priority. Our routes have been very carefully chosen to keep you predominantly off road – and on bike paths/cycle lanes, through parks, gardens, jetties and dedicated lanes. Our tour leaders are very experienced and we keep our tours to manageable numbers.

7. Are your Bike Tours Difficult?

No, if you can ride a bike, you will be fine. We have taken 70 year olds and 6 year olds. We stop often for pictures/history/humour, and have breaks for lunch/snacks and coffee. There are a couple of inclines only and we will wait for anyone who has to walk up them. Our routes maximize the bike paths/cycle lanes through the parks, gardens, and also the city streets now. Our tour is not Le Tour de France. That being said, some amount of bicycle proficiency is required from all participants. The pace is not strenuous, but you will be amazed how much ground we cover, because that is the great advantage of a bike.

8. How long do the Tours go for?

The BIGSPIN Day Tour generally goes from 10.30am to 4.00pm giving you a wonderful overview of the whole city and it’s many secrets.
We can create flexible private and corporate tours to your requirements.
We have done such tours for GOOGLE Execs, APPLE Execs, MICROSOFT Execs, School Groups, Themed Groups, Bachelorette groups, Special Events etc and can all be tailored to your specific timespans and requirements.

9. What about the Weather?

Because of a lot of tight timetables tourists have, we like to run the tours when scheduled. However, we run a fair minded business, and we don’t expect you to want to go riding in appalling conditions. So we will offer you another time or a refund if we consider the weather is really really bad.
We suggest you do bring protective clothing for showers or low temperatures and also sunscreen and sunglasses. It’s very easy for you to reschedule. Please just email us if you’d like to change your booking date.

10. What if I decide to come another day?

Regarding our cancellation/rescheduling policy, we have a 72 hour cancellation policy for a full refund.
If your tour is missed for any genuine reason, we’ll gladly allow the tour to be rescheduled for any tour – in a twelve month period – where we can accommodate you and/or your party. This can be the same day (if the afternoon tour is appealing/available) or the next day. However, it is like flying “stand-by” on the next tour.

If you decide to reschedule, the best thing to do is send us an e-mail.

11. Can I just turn up For a Tour?

If you want to simply turn up with no reservation, that is fine, but there are no guarantees because the tour may have been fully booked or booked by a group or corporates. You can still pay on the spot, if there is availability.

12. Do you rent Bikes?

Yes, see the rental section on our website.

13. Do you provide the bikes?

Yes, we have a fleet of high end cruising bikes with multiple gears, which we use for the tours.
If you need a baby seat, kid’s bike, or youth bike, simply let us know the age and/or height of the young riders in your email.

14. Can I Supply my own Bike?

You are welcome to bring your own bicycle at our concession rate of $25
per person. Our insurance only covers the theft of our own bicycles, so please do bring your own lock(s) for the lunch stop.

15. What about Lunch?

We stop for lunch at several different delightful choices which we will discuss on the day.

They include an excellent Italian cafe, which you probably wouldn’t discover by yourself, The Sydney Fish Market, or take away for a picnic in the Botanic Gardens (clients expense). So don’t worry about bringing lunch.

Some guests like to have a drink and a post mortem of the tour at The Lord Nelson Hotel nearby.

16. Do you go inside Museums, Art Galleries etc?

We are often known to give interested clients a quick 10-15 min Aussie Art History tour inside our ART GALLERY OF NSW (Free Entry).

17. Is there a best day for a Bike Tour?

Within your first 48 hours. Most guests prefer to try and come during their first two days in Sydney. Our tour provides a fantastic orientation to the city. You’ll immediately get your bearings and be able to talk with your guides about ideas and ways to maximize your time in Sydney.

18. Can I leave my bag/luggage?

Yes. You are welcome to leave your luggage in our locked support vehicle which remains at the Start/Finish Point. Own risk.

19. Will we be able to take pictures at the stops?

We capture many images of you on tour usually on our IPAD Pro and share them with everyone at the end using AIRDROP or EMAIL.
We’ll stop at many places for photographs. However there are a lot of places to see, so we like to keep moving as well so keep you camera pretty handy (in a zipped pocket).
That being said, if you’re interested in taking out the tri-pod and working through some time lapse images…this tour probably isn’t the best idea.

20. Are the tours ever cancelled?

As a result of moving through the heart of Sydney, special ceremonies, fun runs/marathons, and city events (predictable and unpredictable) on occasion interrupt our cycle tour. As well there is the possibility of extreme weather, like a thunder storm.
We don’t want you out in that, will not compromise safety. On any occasion the tour is cancelled, we will let you know by text or email.

21. Is your tour to celebrate a special occasion?

If there is a special occasion, like a honeymoon, an anniversary, a special birthday etc, we can certainly help celebrate (Like order an amazing cake from Le Renaissance)

22. I’m not a confident cyclist, will I enjoy this tour?

Perhaps. Cycling is the most efficient means of self propulsion available. It will be more enjoyable if you are a confident cyclist.
If you are totally like an octopus on a bike, we suggest you take The Rocks Walking Tour, or The Red Bus.

23. How large are the groups?

We really like to keep our groups no larger than 10-12 guests/guide (hence why booking in advance is essential).

24. Can I cancel my tour for a refund?

Yes, you can cancel for a full refund 72 hours in advance.

25. What should I bring on the day?

Please dress comfortably and for the weather, but casual clothes are fine. Also bring your

  • camera
  • runners, not thongs or sandals
  • sunscreen
  • hat (can be worn under helmet)
  • All of our bikes have bags for lunch etc, if you want to bring more items, a back pack is the way to go.
  • rain proof jacket if showers predicted.

26. What about safety? Are helmets provided?

Yes, safety is a major priority, and the routes we take are predominantly separated from vehicular traffic.
Helmets are provided and are compulsory. We take safety seriously. Your guide will always communicate the “what’s next” so you can cycle with confidence.

27. Where does the tour conclude?

Back where we started in THE ROCKS.

28. Your Tour was a blast?

If there was anything about your experience or issues on our tour that you would like to suggest we should pay more attention to very we would very much like to know by email please.

If you had a blast you can:
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We understand some people don’t rate anything five stars, however TRIPADVISOR marks hard and like everything Tourism is very competitive. To stay Pedalling, five stars gives us a chance.

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